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Re: OSX vs. Thinkpad

I have a thinkpad t61p and I love the key board! I feel I can just pound away at the keys. The weight is a little heavier than the Macbook Pro that I use at work.

The Macbook pro key board for for me feels awkward and whats with that stupid "Command" key... that annoys me in the terminal with some of the commands use "Control" especially when pasting. This brings me into OSX. I hate the file manager in OSX. Even Windows 7 does a much better job at presenting the files. At least in windows there is a method to enable to view hidden files; OSX not!

Seems the next best update to OS X is a better file manager just like how they implemented that maximize feature that blew everyone away - what a concept!

I'll grant that the Macbook Pro does look slick, and I like the sturdiness of the construction. I wish the newest one with Retna had more usb ports and it was dockable. But I think Apple is leaning more on the wireless route. My Thinkpad the screen hinge is wobbly where as the Macbook is solid. The lighted keybord is nice whereas my T61p doesn't have that, but now lighted keyboards seems to be the standard.

And then there is price... macbook is 2x the cost of a Thinkpad now. I can't see myself pay for something I'm not really in love with. For me, it's like a Ferrari, that gives you a sore ass, it goes fast and it looks slick,but it hurts.

I think you should of title your post as OSX vs. Ubuntu and not Thinkpad, because that's what originally got me excited because I might be in the market for something new...

At anyrate, these are my opinions, at may very well be that I have too much muscle memory and habitual key stroking to really love the Macbook Pro/OS X.


Re: OSX vs. Thinkpad

The OSX vs. Thinkpad title was to illustrate my dilemma. I like OSX .. but I would prefer running it on a Thinkpad.

BTW, I agree that the OSX file manager leaves a lot to be desired. Total finder fixes some of those flaws.

Re: OSX vs. Thinkpad

I have a new MacBook Pro (non-retina) at work, and a fairly new Thinkpad X220 at home, running Kubuntu. I use both almost daily.

While Apple does make solid hardware, given the choice I'd just use the Thinkpad with Linux at all times. The only reason for me to touch the Mac (other than being forced to) is a few Mac-only programs that are really nice for project management stuff. Actually, really just Omni Outliner and OmniGraffle, both of which are excellent programs. Other than that, I could do without the Mac entirely.

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