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I got a little something from Apple

.. and it ain't no stinking iPhone! No its a MacBook Pro. Top of the line, well with the slower HD, since the faster one would have delayed delivery by well over a month. Hoping to go SSD sometime next year. I also got myself iWorks 06. Speaking of which, I am impressed how Apple can get away with "screwing" its customers twice. First they delay Leopard (and probably iWorks 07 as well) because of the stinking iPhone. So while people now have to wait longer to get the software promised earlier, they now also get to pay for something they would otherwise get bundled today. Anyways, not really complaining, just impressed that I have turned into a mac droid so easily, since I accepted all this with my purchase.

At any rate, what I really need is advice from the mac droid crowd about what my next steps should be. I also got a .Mac account, which among other stuff I will use for backup. Speaking of which I also got an Airport Extreme router to which I will probably hook up my old 40GB mp3 player for additional backup storage.

I also need to find a Windows XP SP2 install CD to reuse my old license that came with my previous laptop to be able to run boot camp. I will also get Parallels of course. I was just recommended Colloquy as the IRC client of choice. I will also get NeoOffice to help out whenever iWorks fails me. Firefox for the development seems obvious. Thunderbird will probably take a backseat as I try out the bundled software. What else do I use frequently: Total Commander, Desktop Sidebar, Skype, Komodo, Trillian, TurtoiseSVN, X-Lite, Pidgin, IrfanView, Nokia tools for syncing, WinCachegrind, SQLyog, the various Microsoft file viewers and of course the *AMP stack.

So please feel invited to give me all the advice on what apps will best serve as a replacement for what I have been using. Some of the above tools I already know have native Mac OS X ports others might have even nicer alternatives or will have to remain stuck in Parallels land. Also tell me what feeds I should subscribe to, what apps I should check out and what gotcha's I should be aware of.

Yours truly,
Mac droid n00b Lukas Smith


Re: I got a little something from Apple

Gah, yet another to the dark side. If all those mac users would just stfu about their crap: http://www.thebestpageintheuniverse.net/c.cgi?u=macs_cant

Re: I got a little something from Apple

Welcome to the bright side :)

And all the software you really need on a mac, I think I'll tell you that personally. But a good starting point is also http://osx.iusethis.com/user/pneff (he has good taste..)

Re: I got a little something from Apple

Pidign and Trillian can easily be replaced by Adium. Regarding Komodo, Textmate pretty much meets my needs. If you find a good replacement for Total Commander, let me know ;-).

Re: I got a little something from Apple

I suppose you know this already, but just in case: concerning PHP on Mac OS X, don't use the installed version, use this one: http://www.entropy.ch/software/macosx/php/

Re: I got a little something from Apple

On this (http://www.opensource4mac.de/) page I found some cool open source stuff... and don't forget to install Xcode and macports (http://www.macports.org/)

Re: I got a little something from Apple

Shhhh.... If that copy of Windows on your laptop is an OEM version you can't legally use it on anything other then that specific laptop.


Re: I got a little something from Apple

Komodo works fine on OSX.
I also switched recently. Check out my dashboard widget: http://blog.phpdoc.info/archives/68-PHP-Dashboard-Widget.html


Re: I got a little something from Apple

Welcome :-)
Take a look at Quicksilver (http://quicksilver.blacktree.com/). And I second TextMate. It's the way to go.


Re: I got a little something from Apple

regarding opensource stuff: parsemall recommended macports, but I would recommend fink.

MacPorts is good if you like BSD-way of installing, while Fink is better if you like debian way :)

also, Fink looks to be more stable: http://finkproject.org/

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