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Re: I got a little something from Apple

@James: I bought my PC laptop in Germany, where we have much friendlier consumer laws. AFAIK I am allowed to move my OEM license to another machine, but I will double check that.

Re: I got a little something from Apple

Textmate, Adium for IM and Videolan to play movies.

Re: I got a little something from Apple

For subversion, take a look at smartsvn (http://www.syntevo.com/smartsvn/). I prefer it over tortoisesvn (it's much faster / capable), and there's a free mac version as well.

Re: I got a little something from Apple

Get an external Firewire Drive - Best thing for backups.

SuperDuper - you Can make a completely restorable backup (though on the intel macs there is a bug with the Apple restore CD , which makes the recover process harder - read the notes)

Graphic Converter - How to get from format A to B easily. (though GIMP is catching up, GC has a pure mac interface)

Yes, you probably will be happier with parallels cause you don't have to shut off OS X to get access to your Windows stuff (as long as you don't use Windows 98, which is not well supported)

Cyberduck - FTP (cause the built-in OS X FTP is pretty much non existent)

Re: I got a little something from Apple

More Tips:

1) Keep NeoOffice open in memory because it's dog slow to open, even on my new MacBook Pro 2.4 Ghz Santa Rosa.
2) Subcommander is the best SVN UI in my opinion.
3) KCachegrind will work on the mac for profiling your apps.
4) Filezilla is now available on the mac as Filezilla 3 BETA. Works better and faster than Cyber duck.
5) You can stick with Komodo but it's the worst IDE in my opinion. The project management sidebar is awful. If you have some time (like, a lot of it) try out the latest rendition of the Eclipse PDT (download from Zend, not eclipse site). I'm using it daily on my linux box and my MacBook Pro. Eclipse has a viPlugin ($20) so you can have vi key bindings just like in Komodo. You can also use Zend Studio but their version 6 is going to be eclipse-based anyway so you might as well get used to it.
6) MAMP is really your best shot for your server stack. Although there is no ideal solution as of yet.
7) Also, if you're a heavy terminal user, use iTerm. It was a bit slow with older machines, but on the new MacBook Pro, it's perfect.
8) Stick with the Mac Mail client. I'm really dissatisfied with thunderbird on both my Mac and Linux machines but don't have time to research switching back.
9) Also 'Desktop Manager' is a must (open source). Virtual Desktops for your mac. That is if you don't want to wait for Mac OS X Leopard.
10) All financial software for the mac sucks but the best of the worst is Quicken.
11) Database GUI: Aqua Data Studio. Not cheap but easily the best multi-RDBMS, cross-platform front-end.

Re: I got a little something from Apple

To supplement a few of your need,

1. Check out ForLift which resembles alike to Total Commander

2. For SVN, I use Syncro SVN or you can consider a free alternative SVNX

3. ViewIt is a image viewer, or you can simply drag the stack of images to preview which allows u to view on by one, or right click to show them as slideshow.

4. For DB Management, I use DB Visualizer, the free version is pretty good enough.

Have fun!

Re: I got a little something from Apple

You're going to need to download the Apple Developer Tools package (unless you've got discs with it on?). It's like a 900mb download.

That lets you start compiling stuff yourself on the shell.

Re: I got a little something from Apple

Welcome aboard buddy !

Some useful apps:

  • ISOlator
  • iSquint
  • ffmpegX
  • iTerm
  • Quicksilver
  • StuffIt Expander
  • UnRarX
  • VMWare Fusion
  • Apple's X11 (also Apple XCode Tools)
  • Handbrake & Instant Handbrake
  • MacTheRipper
  • Adium
  • Chiken of the NVC
  • XChat Aqua
  • Google Notifier
  • Picasa Web Albums Uploader
  • texmaker & texshop
  • VirtueDesktops


Web sites:

  • www.macupdate.com

Itunes Podcasts (search in the apple store):

  • Make Magazine
  • Channel Frederator
  • Most Discovery Channel Podcasts
  • Most National Geographic Podcasts

Try fink or mac ports only in the last case. You will usually end up compiling 100000 of stuff overnight just to install a simple thing. It is also too easy to override your path so you run those applications instead of the ones you installed. For instance I got a problem with mysql client once and I took one week to find out that I was calling fink's mysql client (I never asked fink to install it...) instead of the one I compiled myself. Anyone, I usually prefer fink over mac ports.

im sorry for not publishing the links or some info... you can find any software mentioned here easily with a Google search. I will update you with more websites as soon as possible (the macupdate is the only one I remember on the top of my head right now).


Re: I got a little something from Apple

ah this one is also cool:

Apple Infrared Remote Daemon can be used to control keynote presentations.

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