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A case of if you try you get what you want

So things are moving forward. Thanks to Pierre who set up a dokuwiki on the libgd server (if you are unware libgd is now a subproject of php.net) and Hannes for setting up a new auth API against the master.php.net user database we have a wiki up and running on wiki.php.net. I made things look a bit more like an official php.net site with my limited html/css skills (ok actually I just did cut and paste from the main page) and added authentication against said master.php.net auth interface.

The list of todo's is still long. Zach emailed me that he wants to help and so he did, by porting over the various todo lists from the old wiki and merging in Johannes announcements about all things 5.3. They now sit happily at their new location in the todo namespace. Also as I am writing these lines Stefan has moved his traits RFC into the rfc namespace on the wiki as well.

I am quite happy that we managed to get this far, but I am really exhausted now, since all this happend during the most stressful time at my new gig. The fact that I am off to the pre skiing event at the PHP Quebec Conference added to the stress, but hopefully the days off should do more than just offset the added stress. So for those if you making the trip to PHP Quebec: see you there! And to the others, if you have a spare minute do something good while I am gone so I have some happy surprises to come back to :)

Actually Hannes already got a head start on doing something good not only with the auth interface but with all sorts of web 3.0 (yeah we are that far along already!) goodies like microformats galore on php.net (for example in the conference overview)! Using one of the available microformat plugins for Firefox or Safari will make it easier to spot and leverage this improvement. How about some easter egg microformat hunting on php.net?


Re: A case of if you try you get what you want

I really like it, thanks Lukas.

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