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PHP Quebec Slides

The slides for my talk at PHP Quebec 08 are available in the slides section. Overall I am only semi happy with my talk. I defiantly need to add more visualization to the slides. I also need to probably kick out some more concepts and provide more detail on others. My original lofty goal for this talk is to mainly focus on introducing people to concepts that they might not be aware of and more importantly give them the key words (and some links) so that they can then teach themselves the details if they need them. But I think people prefer to get less topics but those topics in detail. I am also somewhat worried that given the fact that I glossed over details, there were so little questions after the talk or in the hall ways since. I got ok ratings for the talk, so I guess the talk did provide some value to people. Aside from this we are also having some really good discussions among the internals people here. Expect some interesting announcements and blog posts soon!

In other news. I learned how to ski in the conference pre-skiing event. It was truly awesome. We had a lot of snow and of course beautiful slopes. I was surprised to find that I was standing up most of the time. I was expecting to spend the first day mainly on my face. On the second day I felt comfortable on most blue slopes. However I did get nervous when people that were going fast got up to close to me instead of just passing. All the reassurance that its their job to control things did not help that much, so on the second day these situations where the main cause for falling. Anyways, I can definitely see myself going skiing back in Switzerland now and then. However my passion obviously still remains ultimate frisbee :)

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