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Pre-announcing the TestFest

Well actually the TestFest has already been announced at the PHP London and PHP Quebec conferences. Since this is something we have never done in this form, I am posting this blog post to get a last round of feedback before we go live with a proper announcement on PHP.net. The current state of the discussion is available for all to read on the newly created PHP.net wiki. Please read through it and provide comments either in this blog, in an email to me or to the php-qa mailinglist.

If any of you are seriously interested in helping with the development of the described web interface I also encourage you to make yourself heard. In the same context I also encourage people to step up if they are interested in helping out with fixing the remaining todos for the PHP.net wiki itself. Its always good to distribute work across a few more shoulders if only to reduce the "bus-factor" and to enable to spend my spare time on other stuff :)

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