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Chatting with Rasmus (part two and three)

As promised here are the two other logs from the recent chat I witnessed. The first log focuses on setting the right MaxClient config option in Apache, which will hopefully clarify things for Evert. The second discusses properly setting HTTP headers (and dyslexic web servers). Also note the two links I mentioned in the second log about performance optimizations. Furthermore if you have not checked it out yet, have a look at the YSlow! extension (to the Firebug extension). Again I left the logs in their raw original way. Hope they are useful for you all.


Re: Chatting with Rasmus (part two and three)

Thanks dude!

Re: Chatting with Rasmus (part two and three)

Thanks Lukas, very nice. I spent a few hours last night getting my CMS up to 82 YSlow points and the page load time was cut down by 2 to 20 depending on the cases. Given the time spent on it it was really worth it.

I just need to figure out a way to do the "Far future Expires header" thing in a not too complex way now.

Re: Chatting with Rasmus (part two and three)

Thanks! The MaxClient issue is something I did never care befor. But I'm not realy sure how do I calculate my apache footprint. I do know how I get my PHP memory footprint (and limit the same). I found pmap quite usfull so far, but are there any other tricks?

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