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emPHPower at OSCON 08?

I have not submitted anything for OSCON 08 and even if so, its not exactly cheap to get there. However someone recently reminded me that OSCON would be the perfect place to get a lot of useful feedback on the emPHPower vision. So I hope that someone can help me get emPHPower on the agenda at OSCON. I guess there will be opportunities for birds of feather sessions. Now the key thing is to have someone there to spearhead the thing. I cannot afford to go unless some sponsor steps up and fly's me down there and points towards a bridge to sleep under and manages to squeeze me by the guards at the door. So maybe someone else is interested in bringing up this topic at OSCON to collect some feedback, ideas and comments. Any takers?

BTW: I will be holding a BoF session at DLW/IPC on emPHPower and I invite people around the world to bring this topic up at their local UGs, conferences, IRC channels and blogs. I will soon start to collect any discussions I find on the web about emPHPower on http://emPHPower.org. So make sure you mention emPHPower in whatever you guys throw up on the web in regards to this idea, so that I can find it via search engines, or shoot me a mail or a comment with a link.

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