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Making PHP 5.3 happen

So I have now joined Johannes as a co-RM for PHP 5.3. Its quite an honor and a challenge. Especially since I still need to find enough OSS time to continue to work on emPHPower and write out a proper proposal for a "constitution" (expect a mailinglist to be setup soon). We hope together we have enough brain cycles to push put what is probably the biggest minor release in the history of PHP. Just take a look at the todo list and the scratchpad detailing all the additions. Speaking of the scratchpad, we really really really need more people helping to identify the changes in PHP 5.3.

Scavenge the NEWS file, test your apps against current 5.3 CVS. Do whatever it takes to find all the places where PHP 5.3 adds functionality and more importantly where it breaks existing functionality. Let the php-doc team know your findings, post comments on this blog, send me an email or write them directly into the wiki page. If you have a cvs.php.net account, you are already setup. If not then just register yourself and I will grant the necessary permissions. Please please .. help out in this critical effort. Together we can make sure that everybody has all the information to make a painless transition to this feature filed release.


Re: Making PHP 5.3 happen

Good luck Lukas!

I'm really excited about the 5.3 release. With all the new goodies I feel like it deserves a major release version.. (but yea, politics, i get it)

Re: Making PHP 5.3 happen

When is scheduled the release of this version?

Re: Making PHP 5.3 happen

You are a thoughtful and benevolent leader so this is great news for all users and developers of PHP. Thank you for being so dedicated and feel free to modify your IRC quit/away message... ;)

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