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Small emPHPower update

Ok, I will try to get some coherent writing done for emPHPower this week. Whatever I will produce will probably end up on my wiki sonner or later. I am also in the process of setting up a mailing list (or should I high-jack the orphaned evangelism mailing list for this?). I hope this all will lead to a few people to step up and really start getting involved deeply in emPHPower. Aside from this Sebastian has handed in a BOF session on emPHPower for OSCON. I hope this one will work out. It does not seem to be in the confirmed listing yet though. Also Cal has notified me that they have reserved a spot for emPHPower at the unconference happening at ZendCon. Since I will not be able to make the trip over to California, I am hoping someone else will step up and moderate a discussion on emPHPower. If anyone could also use the opportunity to engage the more business-y crowd at ZendCon to get their POV, it would also really help out a lot.


Re: Small emPHPower update

Looks like emPHPower has been accepted at OSCON as well now. Which means I need to pull some heavy writing action in the next days to make sure that Sebastian has some fresh content to talk about.

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