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Seven things - tagged by a bunch of people

I have been tagged by numerous people (Marcus, Lars, Mark and probably a few others .. just too man people playing along!).

So semi random facts about me ..

  • I actually picked my first name Lukas myself. At birth my name was Kahwe Haddad, but when I was adopted by the man I call my father in elementary school I changed my last name to his and also picked a new first name, moving Kahwe to be my middle name.
  • As some may have guessed from my birth name, I am half persian on my fathers side. My mother is from East Germany and actually escaped with her family from East Germany. My adoptive father is american. So I am a German, with a US Greencard, living in Switzerland. My step sister is American and my half brother is German.
  • So far I only weight over 60Kg once in my live, at the end of the week I spend in Quebec last year for the PHP Quebec conference 2008. My low weight is probably attributed to the fact that I am hypo glycemic (I build off sugar too fast). I am also dislexic, but that has no effect on my weight :)
  • Like so many others my first steps into programming in BASIC on some weirdo machine made by Apricot. Monochrome screen with an infrared keyboard no less!
  • Last year I played probably at 30 ultimate frisbee tournaments. Sometimes it feels like I am a full time frisbee player that occationally jobs as a programmer.
  • As a child/teenager I was mostly angry .. at everything .. like the lack of world peace or just the fact that someone did not hold the door for an old lady. At some point I just embraced being arrogant. Now a days I just shrug and say to myself "they don't know better, and since I do .. I have to help them". I also assume that nobody is evil and that people simply have a different perception of reality. I guess that helps dealing with internals@.
  • I am addicted to gadgets and software that is slick. One of the easiest way to appear slick in my eyes is to efficiently be top of the line at many things at once. So my winter jacket can be configured for optimal performance for any season of the year, sport activities including skiing etc.

So who am I tagging? I guess most people have been tagged by now:

  • Hali - because without you I would have committed suicide on my Oracle projects
  • Ulf - for the good work at MySQL AB
  • Edin - hoping this way I will hear something about you again
  • Dan - you really helped define a way for people working for big time companies to work within the PHP community
  • Dave - had a lot of fun working with you
  • Chregu - only because of Liip I could spend last year playing frisbee mostly
  • The PHP community - because you are all tagged to work together

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Re: Seven things - tagged by a bunch of people

There's a high chance that you're not the "creator" of this "idiocracy", but please, tell all your "friends"... this has lasted for too long. This is stupid. This is ugly. This is... I don't care what this is...

Re: Seven things - tagged by a bunch of people

Well, I am the first one to try his luck by killing of a chain letter. But I think this thing actually had merit. I learned about about the people I interact with online .. and lets admit .. while many of us talk to the same people daily online .. we know close to zero about their personal life. But once you do, it helps interacting because suddenly you find that you might have more in common than you thought.

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