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PHP 5.3.0 stable almost released :)

It almost happened, but it didn't for now. Originally we planned to release today. But again a few issues came up, even with Johannes deciding that sleep is for the weak, it just seemed unwise to announce the release today. So we pushed things back a few days, so the new date is June 30th (meaning it will be a Tuesday release). This also gives the documentation team, who have been expanding the 5.3 docs like crazy, a few more days to beef things up even more. Now is really high time to ensure that you have a PHP 5.3 compatible release of your software ..


Re: PHP 5.3.0 stable almost released :)

Wow, finally it's gonna release. Such a good news.
Thanks Lukas ;-)

Re: PHP 5.3.0 stable almost released :)

Nice... This is looking to be the best 5.x release yet. Great work guys! I'll be eagerly awaiting!

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