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It's official: I am idiot

Thankfully it's just me and not the rest of PHP internals. So today we had an IRC meeting to discuss namespaces in PHP. We came to a final decision replacing the current double colon separator with a backslash to solve ambiguity issues with the current syntax. So far there has not been much of a reaction on list, except for a post which mentioned concerns related to the fact that backslash is currently used for escaping, but which was quickly responded by Greg to point out that yes we were aware of this, but it is not an issue if you know how to use the backslash properly in double quote strings.

Other than that it seems several people have discovered that I do not know how to make up cool subject lines without making a fool of myself or that I stumble over finding a plural form for criteria (btw luckily at least "indexes" is legit english, also note that I changed the RFC to use "criterion" though I do know that "criteria" would also work and is more common). Changing things over to the new separator will take some time, I hope we will soon have a reasonable time estimate to that we can schedule the next alpha release for PHP 5.3. Thanks for your patience, sorry for the delays.


Re: It's official: I am idiot

Well, despite the droves of poorly informed and irate users and developers, I'd like to thank you and the others who have spent time working on PHP 5.3 namespaces.

With the namespace syntax finalized, I'm looking forward to trying out the next alpha.

Re: It's official: I am idiot

If I had to be honest - for me it's worst news today. Exactly that day I was thinking about migration to another programming language... Why, oh why "\" has been been choosed? Why not single ":"? At least it could be worse

Re: It's official: I am idiot

Why not a simple fucking dot?

Re: It's official: I am idiot

Oh shit, here we were thinking so hard and totally forgot about the obvious choices ":" and ".". Ah well too late to revert the decision now, we would look like fools.

Anyways, all joking aside, thanks for given us the benefit of the doubt about actually thinking about this a bit and reading about our findings before cursing our decision.

Re: It's official: I am idiot

"Criterion" is the singular form. "Criteria" is plural.

"Indexes" has become accepted usage. "Indices" could be used.

Mind you, a casual observer might see those Reddit critics' spelling and grammar ("ne1 else" and "stoopid") and wonder what all the fuss is about with PHP

Re: It's official: I am idiot

Right, actually what I meant to say I switched to "criterion" because it has the obvious plural of "criterions", which is what I used in the RFC now.

Personally I use language for communication and while I think that witty jokes are fun, I think that stuff like finding the plural for a word should be obvious, which is why I prefer "indexes" and "criterions" over "indices" and "criteria" (especially since the later one obviously missed the point of differentiating between singular and plural).

Re: It's official: I am idiot

"Criteria" is never singular; it's (only) the plural of "criterion". What the fuck is wrong with you?

Re: It's official: I am idiot

Ah I see. Now I know. As for what is wrong with me? I never worked hard enough at spelling/grammar .. English also happens to be my second language after my mother tongue German (but even there spelling is lacking). So it goes.

Re: It's official: I am idiot

Back to the topic. I've read all the pages on the wiki and whole conversation on IRC before I sent my comment. I very appreciate your work guys but IMO this particular decision it's not the happy end of the namespace topic. If I had to I will wait for PHP 5.3 few next months, but please re-consider your decision.

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