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Re: My advice to the database division at Sun

I don't think you can call Drizzle a product yet. Point taken, there is code, but I'd still call it a design study. ;-) Do you know how many cars are build that never make it past the show room? :-)

Of course I don't want to sound to pesimistic, so on the good side, they are moving -- but besides? That leaves SUN still with three databases.

I also second the windows notion in Jay's post. He suggested to outsource the development to the people who know best. ;-) You don't have to ignore it, you just shift the workload somewhere else. I bet he never meant to deny anyone access to the tree (be it MS or the community), if they wanted to contribute support.

And if MS wants to step up to all these claims how Windows is a great platform to deploy production to, they could do it. If not, we can stick with another stack.

Despite all the outrageous claims by database people in general, MySQL still powers the largest websites today. It's even used in banking now (and not just for an internal knowledge base or coffee lists). Besides, lots of of profitable businesses run on a MySQL backend, and that's exactly what MySQL enables them to do.

And with no offense to Postgres, but I've witnessed a couple tracks last summer and the general attitude is, "We are much better than anyone out there and if you don't see it, that's your problem." (almost a literal quote from one of the evangelists) -- great attitude, thanks very much.

And other approaches to databases in general are also not interesting to them either. They focus on implementing the standard and like to be annoyed when people use MySQL.

At least you can see that with Drizzle, MySQL is indeed trying to move outside their cubicle to start something new.

</rant> :-)

Re: My advice to the database division at Sun

"Lukas Kahwe Smith followed with his advice to the database division at Sun, purveyor or patron now of MySQL, Drizzle, and PostgreSQL."

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