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Doctrine looking for feedback from its old contributors

So Benjamin just went and wrote a license migration tool, which he will hopefully soonish have time to release as OSS itself. So far things are going well. The tool basically reads out the list of authors and then can list up their commits. Here is for example my list of commits. As some users didn't use the same config for all their commits, we might have authors in our system that in the real world map to the same people. Via an admin tool we can manually update the emails. The system can generate a hash for each author and send out notification emails where the author can then approve or disapprove of the change .. or simply reply that we got the wrong email. Works great as can be seen in the projects overview except that some users have not configured an email address properly when they setup git. However the bigger issue are old contributors back in the svn days. While many of these commits technically do not need to be approved since the code is actually no longer found inside Doctrine, it would be still great to get their approval. So if you find yourself or someone you know in the list of authors who have not yet approved, please let us know!