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Query parameter handling in Symfony2

So this topic has been going back and forth in my head a lot over the last months: how do we best handle query parameters in Symfony2? Obviously you can already access query parameters today already but it could be easier. Essentially what I want is a way for developers to easily configure what query parameters they expect and what values they expect. This is useful for several things like easier reading and validating of query parameters, self documenting API both for API docs for humans but also for machines. Now thanks to Alexander we have a solution that works. But there is the big question if this is really the right approach. For now ignore the fact that it only works with annotations for now, because that is fixable. But it does point to the question if this shouldn't be integrated into the routing configuration itself by adding query support for our implementation of uri-templates.

While this at first seems like the right place for this sort of configuration, it raises the questions of its own since path parameters (i.e. /{foo}) should be handled differently than query parameters (i.e. /{?bar}). For one I don't think that a mismatch on a route requirement of a query parameter cause the route to not match. However then it can quickly become confusing for the end user or it would require adding more and more syntax to handle all the different cases.

Feedback much appreciated!

Update: I have just merged the change to FOSRestBundle.