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LiveUser realizes it has documentation

Well when ever people talk about integrating LiveUser into their project they usually at some point ask: "where is the documentation?" Or worse they say "I wasted hours to get this stuff working, it looks promising but I gave up".

Actually the worst part about this is that there is pretty good documentation and most of it is linked from our wiki over on http://pear.limbourg.com. Furthermore the turnaround time for questions asked on the pear lists, pear channel or even the dedicated LiveUser mailinglist is very fast. So for beta software I claim we are actually doing quite well.

But answering complaints with complaints is not doing anyone any good. So I just spend an hour writing up a document that unifies all the existing documentation and commited this to peardoc:

So hopefully from sunday afternoon on, people will quickly find plenty of documentation right from the official PEAR manual. Give me a hug or better yet have a walk by my wishlist (*hint you can find the wishlist of all PEAR developers linked from their personal page on the PEAR website or even more conviniently its listed behind the names of the maintainers of each given package*).