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Follow up on hotspots

Admitedly I am not yet MySQL certified. So my last post was more based on knowledge of DBMS in general. A few people have noted that the issues described in my previous post might not apply to the InnoDB table handler. So I will need to research this a bit. Actually I am planning to become MySQL certified and so its quite handy that the new certification guide is to be released on august 19th.

Aside from that I wanted to mention a few other tid bits that Arjen reminded my about. Number one there is the UUID() function in mysql that seems like another great way to generate unique non sequential identifiers.

Furthermore Arjen recently published a blog post where he talks about Implementing sequences using a stored function and triggers!. I will probably sit myself down in the coming days and provide a solution that can also return the generated identifier in reverse order (that is 12345 would be returned as 54321).

Update: "oh no .. seems like the book was delayed until oktober 4th .. now this is bad news :-( .. hmm actually amazon.com lists it at august 24th