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Due to popuar demand: comments

I have added comments to my blog. Hope this all works as I had to dig out code that was written about 2 years ago for one of the first incarnations of the WebBuilder2 framework. I also made use of Text_Captcha and Image_Text for the first time as well as the Session container of LiveUser.

These packages let me attempt a novel (well probably not really all that novel) approach in making it a tad bit harder to spam this blog. Essentially I setup LiveUser to use two different auth storage containers. First is the database. If no match is found there, then it will check the session, if the provided password matches the passphrase stored in the session that was display on the captcha image. This gives users the ability to essentially login to this site and post any number of comments without having to solve another captcha.

Obviously this would mean that any spammer directly targeting my site would only have to solve one captcha to spam me indefinately. But guess I am not such a prime target just yet.

Next I will revive the code for notification emails and categories as well as providing a paged overview of past posts. Also note that people are free to try and hack this site, as long as they do not leave permanment damage and inform me of their findings.


Re: Due to popuar demand: comments

Very nice!

Although now I no longer remember which post it was that I wanted to comment on, when I asked you about the comments feature. :)

One slight annoyance: when you want to post a comment and login with the captcha, you are redirected to the homepage, instead of back to the post you decided to comment on.

Re: Due to popuar demand: comments

Hmm odd. I just tried it and it seemed to throw me exactly back to the same page. Also it seems like your post ended up twice (I deleted the second post). Was there anything else wierd that happened?

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