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Slides from the php conference

I finally uploaded the rest of the slides from the php conference. The PEAR talk went quite well. I could have used a few extra minutes, but the medium siued audience seemed fairly happy. I really like this talk because I think its really helpful for the audience to get some behind the scene infos of how to get the most out of PEAR (though alot of those hints you will not find in the slides).

My other talk on portable SQL tuning went quite well too. However the audience was really small and only increased slightly during the second part. Maybe people were just not interested in a 2 part SQL tuning talk or my description was not appealing enough or I got rasmussed. Then again maybe my first talks were not as great as I thought so by the time of the SQL talk I already had a bad rep? Well if they do some stas on the feedback forms I should know better.


Re: Slides from the php conference

Great info! FYI, you have duplicate links for the PDFs "fast, portable, SQL I" and "fast, portable, SQL II" ... the first one needs to have the 2nd "I" removed from the filename.

Re: Slides from the php conference

Thx, fixed.

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