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My take on the PHP6 meeting results

I have been following the various wishlist items for PHP6 with quite some personal interest. I even compiled all the wishlist items I saw on mailinglists, on IRC or that were brought up at conferences and put it online. Much of these items made it on the agenda at the recent PHP6 core developer meeting in Paris.

Looking through Derick's notes I have a few comments to make:

#Overall I think unicode looks very good. Especially the decisions in regards to making it a php.ini option to enable or disable unicode sounds like a solid decision to me

  1. In the cleanup department I am also fairly happy.
  2. In the PECL category I would have preferred if at the meeting an approach a long the lines of "What do we want PHP6 to have out of the box and lets move everything else to PECL?" Also I do not really follow the argument about why not to move all the non PDO extensions out of the core. Obviously PDO at this point only provides a subset of the functionality, but its actually the subset that most people need. For the needs beyond that I am sure people can just grab a PECL extension.
  3. Engine Additions sounds good to me as well. Being able to "break" to labels is great! I am indifferent about the {} vs. [] thing. Then again I have not been using either [] or {} for string offsets in my code. I am not sure I really appreciate "[2,3]" and "foreach( $a as $k => list($a, $b))". I do not really see the point. The amount of code safed is negible. What I do not agree on at all is the reason why named parameters where not accepted. Their entire point is simplicity and clarity. Using arrays means considerably more code and overhead and much less clarity.
  4. In the OO changes department I especially appreciate the late static binding option. Namespaces getting another chance is good.
  5. In the final category additions I have few complaints as well. I guess I was the one who brought up taint/sandboxing and I am not suprised by the decision. I guess with runkit there is an extension to play with already. Read-only properties could speed up database related stuff. APC bundled obviously even more so :-)

Anyways I will soon restructure the PHP6 todo list to mirror these "decisions", but as I am quite sure that alot of the items dropped will resurface in one form or another I will probably move them to a separate list to keep track of.

My personal most wanted function will probably still not make it though :-/


Re: My take on the PHP6 meeting results

Most of the stuff there I seem to like, but there's one thing that I can't find in that list or I think will even be changed/implemented.

I would like to see that the standard notice/warning error system disappear and adapt to an exception error system, but this might raise an issue such as "Then every error becomes fatal!" but I'd suggest a solution that there *are* try/catch blocks, and with a finally block this would be helpful as well.

This allows great flexibility in that the only unavoidable error would be a parse error, and every other error would have a flexible exception model to handle it.

Thanks for the list compilation, btw :)

- Matt

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