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MDB2 has gone stable!

Its done! After more than 2,5 years pondering on the design decisions in MDB we finally have a successor MDB2 with a first stable. Along with it the ibase, mysql, mysqli, mssql, pgsql, sqlite drivers have been marked stable.

In the past months a lot of people (Lorenzo, Helgi, David, Matthias and many others) have helped iron out the last issues, expand the test suite to uncover issues lurking within. Most PEAR packages support MDB2 and through the integration with these packages MDB2 matured as well. Of course there are still things to work on, but its good that we have made this milestone, because now users can rely on the MDB2 development team to maintain backwards compatibility.

Users interested in MDB2 should check out the wiki dedicated to MDB2 I setup. There are still a lot of things that need to be documented there, but the wiki will certainly be a good start.

Next up is bringing LiveUser and MDB2_Schema to their respective first stable releases.


Re: MDB2 has gone stable!

Congratulations! It's been a long time coming but worth the wait.

Re: MDB2 has gone stable!

Congratulations Lukas, I consider MDB2 as the best abstraction layer for php, really nice to see this first stable release :-)

Re: MDB2 has gone stable!

My best congratulations! Fantastic work! :)

Re: MDB2 has gone stable!

Great to hear! I just checked out the last release candidates and had already updated my site to use MDB2. Keep up the good work!

Re: MDB2 has gone stable!

Congratulations! The -stable makes it even more sexy than the -beta. ;) At least for me, it adds a bit peace of mind.

Re: MDB2 has gone stable!


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