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New PEAR releases

Yesterday I pushed out several MDB2 releases. I am hoping that the Firebird/Interbase and the MS SQL Server drivers will follow soon, once the relevant maintainers have completed testing. This was mostly a bug fix release cycle, though the changelogs ended up being suprisingly long. The biggest, or maybe craziest, feature addition was done to the SQLite driver. I got annoyed be seeing the driver fail so many of the unit tests because there is no support for ALTER TABLE in SQLite version 2 that I sat down and wrote up an emulation for it. Maybe someone has use for it. There is a lot of tricky code in there to properly read the current table layout like fields, indexes and constraints as well as the data which all should be merged with the changes if everything goes as planned. Needless to say its a somewhat risky operation, especially since SQLite does not support transactions for DDL operaitons.

Today I also made long overdue releases of LiveUser and LiveUser_Admin. Those were mainly bug fixing releases. Matthias who has now officially joined the development team has done a fair bit of the included fixes. Actually behind the scenes Matthias has already been providing a lot of positive input for LiveUser since quite some time. So welcome on board!

Next up will be a release of MDB2_Schema with all the new DML additions done by Igor. He has also done a lot of clean ups to all parts of the package. Things are working very well already and I will soon integrate all the new package updates into the WebBuilder2 application framework as a test-bed. I am especially anxious to see how MDB2_Schema will handle a fairly complex schema with lots of DDL and DML statements.

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