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Doing PHP

So yesterday I pushed out the x.3.z releases of MDB2. Meaning I released MDB2 2.3.0 along with 1.3.0 versions of the driver packages. There were a lot of minor fixes for edge uses. The most important changes where in the sequence/autoincrement handling. I cleaned up a lot of little details that should lastInsertID() and currID() more consistent. The lastInsertID() method tries to return the last value generated on the given connection, whereas currID() returns the current value of a sequence. I also expanded the placeholder parser in prepare() to ignore things that look like placeholders inside quoted identifier and SQL comments. Previously only quoted strings where ignored. Aside from that I moved to the package.xml version 2 format, which means you now need PEAR 1.4 or higher to install MDB2, which according to Greg's stats should not hurt all too many users, but allows using some of the fancy features of the new format eventually.

Aside I also wanted to let everybody know that I will be at the International PHP and OpenDB Conference which run in parallel in Frankfurt starting November 5th. I will however only be present on November 6th/7th, though I will not be giving a talk. It looks like I will have the opportunity to see a lot of "old" and "new" faces. The good news is that my new high capacity battery for my laptop arrived just in time for this event too.


Re: Doing PHP

Just wondering what the thinking is for not throwing exceptions when errors pop up - is this just more PHP4 holdover or is there a deeper reasoning?

Re: Doing PHP

PHP4 hold over is the short answer .. the long answer is .. well long

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