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Just a short heads up. I think the PEAR constitution elections are a good thing (tm). I know its sounds corny, but PEAR is mainly suffering from its own success. Its simply a huge project, with so many active developers, packages and downloads. I am confident that both of the proposals will help in improving collaboration in PEAR, mainly because they basically provide the same organization we used to have for all of PEAR (which worked great in the beginning), now for categories of related packages. I think this is exciting and with casting your vote (anyone who has a PEAR developer account, which is quite a lot of all of the people with php.net email accounts) you give the entire effort more credibility.



Well it was really getting annoying not to have anything done. Now we are moving forward and I encourage all developers to go vote on that. If you are not too sure about what to answer ? Jump on IRC and discuss about it!


I'm fully in support of them, as it seems to provide a way to simplify the processes around PEAR. I was an active contributor a while back, but slowly left as things got more beauracratic.

I think the biggest problem I have is the fact that every package has to go through such a long approval process, I like getting input from the other developers, but the current process was bogging packages down in the design phase, and made a more iterative approach much harder.

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