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Opcode best practices and checking out Romania

For those of you following my blog, you should remember that I promised an "update" regarding best practices with opcode caches in PHP. I went ahead and poked some people at Zend and phparch if they would not like to organize a webcast on this topic. Then I leaned back and waited until they finalized a date for a webcast. As you probably guessed by now .. there is a date set, which is March 16th. Only 4 more days so register quickly if you want to attend.

I should be back in Zurich by that time. I am currently on a work assignment with my colleagues in Romania. Optaros, my employer, has an office over here. I must say that I found everybody incredibly friendly here. This not only includes my colleagues, but also generally anyone I have met here so far. Heck, the taxi drivers here round the fares down! The food is also good (actually I like it more than in Geneva). Some of the roads may be a bit bumpy and the air in Bucharest can of course not compete with the world famous air in Berlin ;)

I also went by Bresov on the weekend. Its a very nice city though we missed the main attraction by a few hours, so could unfortunately not take a look inside the"Black Church". On our way we stopped by Castel Peles, the castle build by/for the German that ruled over Rumania. Its kinda a wierd concept to import a foreign king. Oh btw, Bresov will feature an conference in May. Rasmus, Monty and Zak are apparently in the line up of speaker. So the conference seems to bring together some local and international celebrities :)


Re: Opcode best practices and checking out Rumania

Good news. I hope to see a best practices summary somewhere soon - some sort of a checklist!?

Re: Opcode best practices and checking out Rumania

I think it is interesting that I've been researching this very topic, so I'll be there. Should be an awesome discussion.


How nice, that you've been in Romania! I've studied there three semesters and absolutely felt in love with this country and specially my wife, which I met in Cluj. I can only recommend to every student to take a year in eastern europe instead of going west.
I'm very curious about the PHP and Open Source community in Romania, as I'm seriously thinking about moving there. So thanks for the link to the conference in Brasov!

Re: Opcode best practices and checking out Rumania

Glad you liked it! :)

Thomas, I'm sorry to dissapoint you, but there is no substantial Open Source community in Romania (mostly because of the financial implications), but you'll find very very good programmers here. And PHP is greatly enjoyed.

PS: Brasov is just great. I, for one, trully love it, although I'm from Bucharest. :)

Re: Opcode best practices and checking out Rumania

Are you going to talk about how to extend the Zend Engine and add new opcodes? Or just using APC and friends?

Re: Opcode best practices and checking out Rumania

Maybe I should have made it more clear: Stas will give the presentation. I will be listening to learn :)

The aim of the talk is to present how APC or any other byte code cache handles code and what best practices there are to better leverage byte code caches.

Re: Opcode best practices and checking out ROmania

Glad you liked our country! (btw: spelling rOmania and "castel Peles")
It has its good parts and its bad. You just have to understand it :-)

There IS an open source movement in Romania and it is quite big !
(one small example would be www.phpromania.ro)

Re: Opcode best practices and checking out Romania

Thanks for the spelling corrections. Its "Rumänien" in German, which is why I consistently screw up the spelling in English. I have the same trouble with Bucharest which is "Bukarest" in German.

Anyways I will keep tabs on the Romanian PHP Scene. Maybe I can join a meeting on my next visit. I will certainly show http://www.phpromania.ro/ to my colleagues in Bucharest, though I assume they already know it.

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