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++ Peep-peep ++ Calling out to web hosters ++

A recent post by Rasmus really reminded me of something I have noticed often before, but never really done anything about. The fact that we do not seem to have any ISP's active inside the PHP community. This is kind of odd, considering that PHP seems to be driving the business of hosters quite a bit. Why have none of them decided that PHP is important enough for their business that its worthwhile to ensure that their interests are taken into account?

So hopefully people working for hosters are at least reading planet-php and maybe pass this request on to their boss. As you can see from the above post by Rasmus, there are clear opportunities missed by not having ISP's active in the development of PHP. Having close relations with ISP's would help the PHP development team as well. For example it would be great to have some hosters join the primary-testers group or give us feedback on some of the pains their users have reported when moving to a new version so that we can add it to the migration guide etc. For example we were very unsure how the ISP community would feel about the PHP4 EOL announcement, but it seems the reactions are fairly positive.


Re: ++ Peep-peep ++ Calling out to web hosters ++

Isn't Stephan Schmidt (http://php-tools.net/site.php) working for 1&1?

Re: ++ Peep-peep ++ Calling out to web hosters ++

Yes, but Stephan is software developer (PHP and Java) and AFAIK he has nothing to do with the hosting service.

It's really a pitty that only small agancies like Phoenix Medien support the GoPHP5 initiative in Germany. But I think that's an home-made problem of PHP. The community mainly consists of developers but there is no association or any committee that promotes PHP in the right way and ties things up, building realtionships to the ISPs. TYPO3 has established this structure over the years and now has a strong building (and money) to operate.

Re: ++ Peep-peep ++ Calling out to web hosters ++

TYPO3 has bad code.. it's looks like trash.

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