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Symfony CMF: why, how, when (summary)

In my love affair to always be a bit verbose it seems like some key points (no Java requirement in the final version for example) were made clear enough. So here is a short summary:
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Symfony CMF: why, how, when (part III)

And now for the final post in this series, unless I start to get some serious questions :)
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Symfony CMF: why, how, when (part II)

Continuing with my post from the other day I will try to answer some of the questions that seem a bit reoccurring.
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Symfony CMF: why, how, when (part I)

I have blogged about how I wish there was a developer friendly CMS for a while now. I have also blogged that I wish that top applications would be build on top frameworks instead of homegrown ones. I have also blogged how I hope for the Symfony CMF initiative for solve all of this. Now back in fall 2010, when the community agreed to pursue using the Java Content Repository (JCR) specification as the basis for our work, things kinda fell in to a hole. The vision seemed clear and one of the main benefits was that we could get going faster. At the same time the number of Symfony2 developers were few and they were mostly busy keeping their projects in sync with the on going development. So in the end it was basically Liip that kept pushing things forward by continuing to invest into Jackalope (the connector between PHP and Java implementation of the JCR spec) as well as a Doctrine2 ODM implementation on top of this. One area where there was in fact a fair bit of community feedback was in how to better PHP-ify the JCR specification which was more or less literally translated to PHP in the original PHPCR implementation.
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Warping my mind for ESI

Symfony2 is full of ESI love. ESI aka Edge Side Includes are a standard for reverse proxy caching which can significantly boost performance. What is even nicer is that ESI really goes well with RESTful API's, which is one reason why I am pushing REST in the Symfony2 world. I must admit that until recently I was totally ok taking short cuts, but I am now being to realize that the short cuts I was taking actually hurt in many ways. So I am warping my mind to be more RESTful. But at the same time I also see great potential in ESI which needs some additional mind bending .. or actually maybe not.
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