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The observant of you ..

may have already noticed this. But I changed the CAPTCHA in my blog from the rather obnoxious and very hard to read image generated by the code I picked up from the PEAR::Text_CAPTCHA sample to a fairly simple math problem. It seems to hold off spam well for now. Expect the math problem to increase in difficulty once I get spam (or stupid comments) but for now all is well. Now even Wez should be able to solve it on first try :-)
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Slides from the php conference

I finally uploaded the rest of the slides from the php conference. The PEAR talk went quite well. I could have used a few extra minutes, but the medium siued audience seemed fairly happy. I really like this talk because I think its really helpful for the audience to get some behind the scene infos of how to get the most out of PEAR (though alot of those hints you will not find in the slides).
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Relational Database Starter Workshop

I am dead tired but managed to pull off my 5 hour workshop on relational databases. I have already added a link to the slides section but for convinience here is a direct link. I think I need to add some slides on character sets and tweak some bits in the coming days when I find some time, but overall the talk went fairly well.
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Final nail in the coffin or ..?

I know I will get misquoted, I know this will spawn tons of "told you so" and maybe it will cause a panic. Then again it could also be ignored, just like my last attempt at starting a flamewar :-)
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SQL function abstraction

While looking at the RoundCube source I stumbled over the use of PEAR::DB. True enough they had added their own wrapper around DB to work around its deficiencies. One of it was getting the last insert ID. Another one was the use of NOW() in their SQL commands.
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