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ext/mysqli and LOBs anyone?

A while ago I implemented native prepared statements into the MDB2 mysqli driver. However I was never able to get LOB support to work in the execute method. I almost forget about this and only stumbled over this issue again while testing a new portability fetch mode that fixes the issue of sqlite returning table qualifiers in associative fetches unlike most other DBMS extensions in PHP. Maybe someone has experience here and/or is motivated to fix the problem.
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Where is the love?

I am always suprised at the bitterness of flamewars on open source mailinglists, IRC chats and blog posts. Often these flamewars spring from cultural differences, language barriers, little mistakes or oversights. Sometimes they also spring from the assumption that someone does not know the given system well enough or did not bother to read the documentation. Rarely do they spring from proper technical arguments and even then it seems odd to start using the rather aggressive tone which result in the flamewar label.
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c# 3.0's LINQ

I have been looking a bit at c# 3.0's LINQ feature. Essentially it provides with c# with an SQL syntax to do what SQL does on DBMS, XML, Array and many other forms of data. What is interesting that the syntax also allows you to define not only what data you want but also the structure you want it in. Furthermore using reflection on the data source and generally the fact that you are no longer passing just a string to your datasource (SQL or XQuery) it is now possible to do compile time checking.
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php|works update

I am sitting in the closing keynote by Marco this very moment. The conference so far as been alot of fun. My 2 new talks went really well (though I really needed an additional 30mins for my SQL talk to cover everything I wanted), but my old LiveUser talk felt not so smooth. I hope that people still learned a bit, especially as the QA part went better. Next time I will review the slides a bit more beforehand to get myself a bit more into the topic again.
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PHP UG meeting in Berlin

Just wanted to remind people in the Berlin area that there will be a special PHP UG Berlin meeting on september 12th as part of a roadshow. We will have a bunch of guests from Zend, eZ Publish and MySQL doing some very interesting presentations:
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