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Due to popuar demand: comments

I have added comments to my blog. Hope this all works as I had to dig out code that was written about 2 years ago for one of the first incarnations of the WebBuilder2 framework. I also made use of Text_Captcha and Image_Text for the first time as well as the Session container of LiveUser.
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MDB2, a package screaming to be marked stable

MDB2 development has been a lengthy process indeed. As a matter of fact development began back in the summer of 2003. Now two years later the fact of the matter is that MDB2 has been useful for production purposes for the past 1,5 years and all that really stopped it from going stable is the final decision to mark the API as stable.
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LiveUser, Text_CAPTCHA and WebBuilder2

I just posted this on the LiveUser mailinglist, but I think this piece of information might interest a much broader audience.
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PHP6 - moving forward in a sensible manner

Rasmus recently kicked off, what will likely become the largest thread in PHP history. Essentially he came up with a list of changes he would like to see in PHP 6. This has opened the floodgates on feature wishes. I hope poor Steph will somehow manage to fit all of these into a Zend weekly summary. As the stream of new suggestions is slowly dying down Zeev stepped up to remind people that "Compatibility breakup is not binary, it accumulates". I very much agree with him on this point.
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Follow up on hotspots

Admitedly I am not yet MySQL certified. So my last post was more based on knowledge of DBMS in general. A few people have noted that the issues described in my previous post might not apply to the InnoDB table handler. So I will need to research this a bit. Actually I am planning to become MySQL certified and so its quite handy that the new certification guide is to be released on august 19th.
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