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PHP Quebec Slides

The slides for my talk at PHP Quebec 08 are available in the slides section. Overall I am only semi happy with my talk. I defiantly need to add more visualization to the slides. I also need to probably kick out some more concepts and provide more detail on others. My original lofty goal for this talk is to mainly focus on introducing people to concepts that they might not be aware of and more importantly give them the key words (and some links) so that they can then teach themselves the details if they need them. But I think people prefer to get less topics but those topics in detail. I am also somewhat worried that given the fact that I glossed over details, there were so little questions after the talk or in the hall ways since. I got ok ratings for the talk, so I guess the talk did provide some value to people. Aside from this we are also having some really good discussions among the internals people here. Expect some interesting announcements and blog posts soon!
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A case of if you try you get what you want

So things are moving forward. Thanks to Pierre who set up a dokuwiki on the libgd server (if you are unware libgd is now a subproject of php.net) and Hannes for setting up a new auth API against the master.php.net user database we have a wiki up and running on wiki.php.net. I made things look a bit more like an official php.net site with my limited html/css skills (ok actually I just did cut and paste from the main page) and added authentication against said master.php.net auth interface.
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You can't always get what you want ..

.. but if you try, sometimes you get what you need. Those are the lines from one of my favorite Rolling Stones songs. Like many of us, I have some ideas of how to improve PHP. Like many of us, we have to accept that the powers that are might not agree. More often than I would like to see the reason for this has been more politics and general chaos on the internals mailinglist. In the past weeks things have improved a bit, but for a while it seemed unbearable. People seemed to insist on repeating themselves endlessly only because they feared that their argument would end up forgotten. This is not too far fetched, because currently the main course of action to get something in is asking for it often enough until the opposition is too busy or on vacation. At the same time I would argue that a lot of what makes PHP the most successful web language on the planet is its agility, which would be lost if we put all too complex processes into place.
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Big time open source in Europe?

Ok, at least they tried. But it seems SAP has for now put their attempts to rest to smoose up a bit closer to OSS. I guess Oracle-InnoDB deal send enough shockwaves around the SAP HQ to kill of any of the little wishpers that had made the surprising MySQL-SAP deal happen in the first time. Now things have come full circle again, MaxDB development is not only back at SAP as I have noted before, its also back to [https://www.sdn.sap.com/irj/sdn/wiki?path=/display/MaxDB/FAQ& closed source development]. At the same time most big European OSS companies seem to end up in the hands of US based companies.
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End Users vs. Developers

No, this is not a blog post on the endless battle between end user and developers as a result of them not understanding each other. No, this post is about "what determines the value of a software/service company". Is it the number of end users or the developers/service people?
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