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Brief rambling about locales in RDBMS

Ok, here is something I wish I could travel back in time and shoot who ever decided it would be smart to make RDBMS locale dependent. As in crap like different decimal separators or worse yet date formats. If at all leave this work to the client, but better yet leave it to the frontend. Today I went through a bit of work until I finally figured out that in order to have SQL Server understand an ISO date (running against a DB configured as German), I needed to set the dateformat in the connection session with a query like "SET DATEFORMAT ymd". You might be wondering about the fact that "ymd" doesn't look very ISO date, but all it actually tells SQL Server is that the numbers between the separators are to denote year first, month second and day third. What really ticks me off though is that I once again forgot to look at the number one source for making RDBMS portable with PHP: the MDB2 source code. Its all right there .. *sigh*
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Seven things - tagged by a bunch of people

I have been tagged by numerous people (Marcus, Lars, Mark and probably a few others .. just too man people playing along!).
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PDO test suite

A while back I announced on the PDO mailinglist that I would review the tests the mysqlnd team wrote. These tests are currently MySQL specific and I was hoping that we could adopt them for the other drivers. I spend less time than I originally envisioned on the review, mostly because the last 2 months were a bit more exhausting at work than I had anticipated. So I ended up sleeping more and working less. Anyways, at this point it seems to me like the tests themselves are too MySQL specific to be easily portable to other RDBMS and that the time is therefore better spend simply writing new tests and using the mysqlnd tests as inspiration. However, I feel like the current structure of the test suite is not optimal yet, though I might not fully grasp the current approach.
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My advice to the database division at Sun

More and more people are lending advice to the MySQL guys at Sun (not even mentioning the level of fact based slapping its getting along the way). I think there is one important thing missing in this advice, Sun has its feet in 3 RDBMS products: MySQL, Drizzle and PostgreSQL. Even if they paid a 1B USD for the first, the other two are important to remember as well. Actually Drizzle is mentioned a lot in this advice, but PostgreSQL is oddly absent. IMHO MySQL serves a market quite perfectly at this point and I do not see this changing in the next few years.
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Anyone played with SQL Relay?

Since I recently stumbled over issues with persistent connections I got reminded once again about SQL Relay. Not really a solution to my problems, since SQL Relay will not magically clean up open transactions (or does it?). However it would help reduce the number of open connections while still getting rid of most the connection overhead. Then again at peak times it might not reduce the number of connections all that much and at low traffic times I guess the main benefit is that one can have more spare children hanging around without clogging up the DB with lots of open connections.
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