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Finding Ada

I did not sign a pledge (did not hear about this until today) to blog about a woman in IT I admire on Ada Lovelace Day, nor am I going to mention any women in particular in this blog post. I hope that I have always made it clear in my communication that I respect people based on their actions and nothing else. I do want to pick up on what I have noticed and tried to put an end to at conferences when I encountered it. I never blogged about this and probably I should have, but now that I am seeing that many fellow developers also feel its a hinderance (actually the biggest one) to create an environment where gender is not a factor in judging contributions.
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Still alive ..

Well there is much to blog. After all I did not blog in ages. Then again there is too much and too little time. So just briefly, I had a great time in Tanzania. Anyone who is considering traveling there feel free to mail me for advice. I also been to the phpconit in Rome last week and gave two talks. Really enjoyed it down there. Very good food of course and various people that I had not met in person yet. Especially meeting Matteo was great and it seems like he will now even become an official contributor to PDO! I also chatted with Stefan a bit about DJing (expect a big announcement - well big for me - in this department soon) and Symfony 2.0 (Liip is currently giving Symfony another look).
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Is your chosen PHP framework on the PHP primary tester mailinglist?

This is a question you should be asking the developers of the framework you are using. Same of course goes for any PHP application you care about. Maintainers of said projects should just click here (check the user guide for details) and subscribe an email alias to their QA list (do not subscribe personal email addresses .. people move on .. go on vacation or get hit by a bus). We announce all PHP releases on this list (actually until now we have only announced RC's, but we are expanding this to also cover alpha and beta releases).
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Rewriting PHP

Just today I got yet another email asking me why we do not rewrite PHP to get rid of all the cruft and past mistakes. These kinds of emails obviously have become more frequent since the namespace backslash decision. First up I wonder why people send such emails to me? After all I have only very rudimentary knowledge of C, let alone all the PHP specific infrastructure (macros etc.). So I am probably the person with the least ability to make something like that happen or even judge its feasibility among all of "PHP core" folks. But still since the question is often enough posed to me, I guess its more efficient if I reply to it in an easily linkable location. So the gist of my answer is: I would welcome a serious effort to rewrite PHP from scratch, but I do not think it should be done by PHP.net
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Mission impossible?

Well I have learned my fair share while working with Johannes to RM the PHP 5.3 release. The main one that my time predictions suck. Now my last time prediction was that we would release in Q1 2009. Chances of that happening are getting slimmer and slimmer. In an effort to ensure that we at least stay close to that timeframe Johannes and I have asked Christian Seiler to remove the special OO handling in Closures so that the discussions do not bog down the 5.3 release process any further. I thank Christian for being so understanding of the "big picture".
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