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What good things add up to less than 400?

I guess quite a lot, but in this case I am specifically thinking about the open bugs in all PEAR packages. Now this number is impressive, since there are actually over 400 packages in PEAR. That means there are less than 1 open bug per package! At the same time PEAR is coming in at about half a million downloads per month.
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Dr. Strangelove or How I began to worry about convention over configuration

I hope you all have seen Dr. Strangelove by Stanly Kubrick. I gave a copy on DVD to my uncle for Christmas and we saw it together the other day. Hope you gives forgive me this minor give away from the story. Just skip ahead to the next paragraph if you have not seen the movie yet. In one scene the Russian Ambassador mentions that the Russians have build a Doomsday Machine which would automatically destroy all life on the surface of the planet if a nuclear deceive was to explode over Russia. Their line of thinking was that this way they could get out of the arms race with the Americans, which was ruining them. Of course the entire idea of such a machine was that the other side knows about it and therefore will never attack. Unfortunately the Russians had released the Doomsday Machine, but had held off announcing it to the world for a later occasion.
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Luggable monitors?

Its been a while since I have posted on my blog. I should at least note that I will be speaking at MySQL User Conf in Santa Clara as well as php|tek in Chicago. Aside from that I am working a little bit on improving Doctrine a very promising DBAL/ORM based on PDO for PHP. Anyways lets get back to the original topic which has nothing to do with PHP or databases directly, but might also be of concern to all of you still. Since I am now in the consulting business I am spending a lot of time working at client premises using my laptop. I really miss an external monitor though. I find it highly unproductive to alt+tab between my editor and the browser or some documentation all the time.
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MDB2 documentation improvements

I think last evening it was the first time I saw someone on IRC say that the MDB2 documentation is very good. Of course there are still things missing, but thanks to the efforts of Paul and Lorenzo we now have all of the core features documented. The last piece the two added was documentation on quoting and data type handling in general. Next up we may see some documentation of the Manager and Reverse module to expand on the general Module documentation.
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Remember: be nice to byte code caches

Autoload is kinda convenient. Especially since in PEAR we have such a clear mapping of class name to file name. I do not really understand why some libraries and projects have these insane class name to file name mappings like ez Components and I think symfony also has them. Anyways while it seems kind of nice one must be weary of the idea that they speed up your code. If you are running a byte code cache (which anyone who cares about performance of course does) you will get quite the opposite. Here is Rasmus's answer on this taken straight from #php.pecl:
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